Renovation Success: How To Schedule Your Rehab Right

Scheduling Your Renovations Right Will Make All The Difference In Your Profits

Andrew J. Matella

Find out how to breakdown your rehab jobs, slash risk and turn times, and boost net profits

The Top Time & Money Killer for House Flippers

There is a massive difference in the number of flips and amount of profits real estate investors are doing out there today.

Most often this all comes down to scheduling the renovation.

Poor scheduling leads to:

●      High risk

●      High stress

●      Lengthy turn times

●      Having to re-do line items

●      Increased costs

●      Reduced profits

●      Frustrated contractors and vendors

●      Fewer flips per year

The longer you sit on a deal, the more risk of a whole variety of things going wrong and the end market changing on you. Don’t get caught slacking.

The Upside of Smarter Renovation Scheduling

On the bright side, the upside of more organized rehab projects include:

●      Faster flips

●      More deal volume potential

●      Happier and more loyal contractors and vendors

●      Less risk

●      More profit per deal

Want to hammer out your rehabs like a pro and hit your full potential?

Find out the 5 key phases of a rehabbing a home, and how I’ve used this system to successfully flip over 400 homes.